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Support Circles 

Support Circles is a community engagement initiative which works on the micro and macro impacts of poverty.   Families who are interested in moving from poverty toward stability self-select into the program.  The families participate in a curriculum called Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World and create a future story for their family.  Once they have set their goals, families are matched with 2 - 3 volunteers who walk alongside the family on their journey out of poverty.  Together, staff, families, and volunteers identify the barriers that families encounter and create innovative and effective solutions to build a path out of poverty.

SCCAP has Support Circles initiatives meeting in Gettysburg and Chambersburg.  


SCCAP Homeless Services

SCCAP administers programs that work to prevent homelessness, as well as assist individuals who are homeless to get back on their feet.  We operate under a Housing First Philosophy.  We believe individuals and families can best work on their barriers and issues once they are in safe, stable, permanent housing.

SCCAP programs help eligible individuals and families get into housing, and work with them to access needed resources or adequate employment so that they can maintain permanent housing.



@Home in Adams County

Working together to develop affordable housing, create transportation options, and strengthen wages through economic development, so families feel @Home In Adams County! Right now, in Adams County, more than 20% of your neighbors, friends, and coworkers are struggling to find affordable housing; due in part, to a lack of public transportation, a high cost of living, and wages that have not kept up with increasing costs. Partners from local businesses, the faith community, education, social services and healthcare have joined together to find solutions that support local families and strengthen the fiber of our community!



SCCAP Weatherization Program

The SCCAP Weatherization program provides weatherization services to low-income homeowners and renters, with elderly, handicapped and high energy users being the target population. Weatherization can include insulation, air sealing, heating system retrofits, base load electric measures and client energy education. Eligibility for these services is determined by a priority system developed by each utility company and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.  



SCCAP Community Work - Family and Asset Development

Community work is an integral part of helping families make significant changes in their circumstances.