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eWIC will allow families to access their WIC Benefits using an electronic benefits card. We also have a WIC App - for more information, Click Here

The WIC Program

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program has improved the nutrition and health of families in Pennsylvania since 1974 by providing nutrition services, breastfeeding support, health care and social service referrals, and healthy foods. Through WIC, pregnant women, mothers, and caregivers of infants and young children learn about good nutrition to keep themselves and their families healthy!

Who is Eligible for WIC?

  • WIC serves the following Pennsylvania residents:

  • Pregnant women

  • Breastfeeding women, for up to one year postpartum

  • Women up to six months postpartum, who are not breastfeeding

  • Infants and children under 5 years old, including foster children

The Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project is South Central Pennsylvania's collaborative, nonprofit effort to reduce food loss on local farms, and increase food security in our communities. 

The Gleaning Project's mission is to:

  • Connect our community

  • Make good use of agricultural excess

  • Reduce hunger and improve nutrition in Adams and Franklin County, PA

Franklin County is the 2nd most vegetable-producing county in PA. Adams County is one of the top 5 apple-producing counties in the USA. South Central Pennsylvania is so agriculturally abundant. 

On average, 20% of food grown never leaves the farm. This is perfectly good food that is not profitable to pick.

Our volunteers glean and distribute this food to anyone in our community who is unable to afford fresh fruits and vegetables.

Veggie Stands are available at SCCAP Main offices in Adams and Franklin County during the growing season.

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SCCAP Supported Local Food Pantries

SCCAP gets some state food funding and federal supplemental foods and coordinates the distribution with pantries in our local communities.  SCCAP also coordinates pantries on location in Gettysburg and Chambersburg.  

In order to qualify for food pantry assistance, a family’s income must be under 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  


Community Solutions Around Food and Nutrition

Understanding food insecurity and health related issues is critical to helping families work toward sustainability.  It is nearly impossible for someone to build a future story if their current needs are not met.

That’s why SCCAP works with local stakeholders to raise awareness on food insecurity in our community. We hosts local hunger Dinners, joins partner programs in community walking events,  health screenings, health partnerships, and recovery programming. We are also a founding member of the Adams County Food Policy Council.

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